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1. Utility Breakdown
2. Preparing while levelling
3. Stat-priorities
4. Consumables
5. Equipment
6. Professions
7. Addons
8. Talents
9. Enchants
10. Macros
11. Mechanics: Spell Resistance
12. Mechanics: Ignite
13. Strategies: Blackwing Lair
14. Strategies: Ahn'Qiraj Temple
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1. Utility Breakdown

What we can provide to the raid aside of damage.

Arcane Intellect
31 Intellect for 30 minutes
This buff does not stack with Elixir of Greater Intellect nor with Elixir of Sages. The only other consumables that can provide you with additional intellect is the Cerebral Cortex Compound from Blasted Lands or the Runn Tum Tuber Surprise food-buff that unfortunately excludes the use of the more powerful food buff: Nightfin Soup that you will be using instead of it.
The group buff Arcane Brilliance cannot be taught from a trainer. The book drops from any Elite mob in levl 55+ instances, and may also be found on the Auction House for roughly 15 gold.

Remove Curse
Download "Decursive" addon to assist with this
Mages and Druids are the only classes that can remove Curses. It is generally accepted that not only druids should take care of this job during encounters. So we'll assist on this. With the Decursive addon priority targets for de-cursing can be set; always put yourself and the maintank(s) on there, and only add other targets if its neccesary for particular fights. On Nefarian in blackwing lair, druids will be stuck in cat-form during a druid-class-call, so the attention to de-cursing is extra critical during this fight.

Dampen Magic
Decreases magic damage taken, but also decreases healing recieved.
This buff is great for encounters where unavoidable raid damage is involved, especially if only few healers are assigned to raid healing. Does not reduce healing from non-spell, such as potions and bandages.

Amplify Magic
Increases magic damage taken, but also increases healing recieved.
Essential buff on Tanks during fights with little or no magic damage. Don't forget about this.

Conjured Water
The final rank of this spell cannot be taught from a trainer.
Quest: Visit Lorekeeper Lydros inside the Athenaeum, located inside Dire Maul (you can access the Athenaeum through both West and North DM)
Once you've picked up the quest you must head to Dire Maul East and defeat Hydrospawn, return to the Lorekeeper to complete the quest and learn the spell.

Conjured Food
The final rank of this spell cannot be taught from a trainer.
Item-drop: Archivist Galford inside of Stratholme Living has a chance to drop the tome that teaches the final rank of Conjure Food. The tome has a dropchance of about 20% and it is not soulbound so it may also be found on the Auction House.

Detect Magic
Enables the raid to see a visual icon for any positive effects on hostile targets.
Only few fights requires the use of this spell, and since debuff-slots are limited you should never use this spell unless it is asked for by the raid leader. Hunters can benefit from Detect Magic by seeing a visual icon on their target whenever they need to use Tranquilizing Shot to remove Enrage effect for example. But the fact that the boss grows in size and typically turns red should be indication enough in itself and so the raid leader may decide that it is not worth wasting a debuff slot for this.

Without talent: If used during an enemys cast, it interrupts that cast and prevents the enemy from casting any spells from that school of magic for 10 seconds. If Counterspell is used while the enemy is not actively casting, the spell will do nothing.
With talent: In addition to what is explained above, it will also Silence the target for 4 seconds, blocking all spell-schools, regardless of whether the target was casting or not when Counterspell was used. This can be valuable if you want the pull the caster-mob into melee range without having to wait for it casting a spell.

Crowd Control
Effects that limits the movement, casting or attacks of the target.
Instead of a long passage on this, I would rather present to you the grand-ol-man of mage kiting: Faxmonkey, from 2006

Notes while watching the video:
1) Move around the monsters in a circle to clump them, whenever possible.
2) Arcane Explosion has a larger range than the monsters, take advantage of this when the monsters are slowed.
3) Use ramps, walls or structures. Inspect your surroundings and use it!
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2. Levelling tips

There are 3 choices for levelling; questing as fire, questing as frost, or AoE as frost. Whatever you decide you should think about your choice because the gear you need are different for each of them, so changing your mind comes at the cost of your item stats not being optimized.

If you want to level up with questing (my personal preference), you should first spend a week or so looking through the auction house for cloth-items labelled "of Fiery Wrath" or "of Frozen Wrath" - of any level up to around 45. Buy them if they are at a reasonable price and hold on to them until your mage can equip them. The principle for questing is that you only need as much mana as you need to solo an elite of maybe 2 levels above you, because thats roughly as challenging as it will get. In other words, we want to cast as few spells as possible to kill our targets, and in order to achieve this we're going to sacrifice intellect to instead get as high spell damage as possible.

If you decide to level with AoE-farming, and just use blizzard from level 30 to 60 then you need a certain mana pool for that to work, and going for max spelldamage is in this case a bad idea. Blizzard has one the lowest spellpower coefficients of any of the mage spells (read more about spell coefficients under stat priorities) and so even if you have a lot of +frost damage, the Blizzard cast will do roughly the same damage. Instead you should focus on having enough Intellect so that you don't go out of mana once all the mobs are at 20% health. Having to run away with 10 mobs all at 5% health is not efficient levelling.

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3. Stat Priorities

We have 3 aims for collecting our stats, listed from most important to least important.

Increase the damage of our spells

Increased Spell Damage
Chance to Hit with Spells
Chance to Critical Hit with Spells
Spell Penetration

Increase our mana pool and regeneration

Mana every 5 seconds

Increase our survivability


Increased Spell Damage
An item that increases Damage done by Spells and Effects by 21 will not add 21 damage to all spells you cast. You have to look up the Spell-coefficient for our spells to see how much of your spelldamage will benefit the various spells. I recommend downloading the addon Theorycraft. This will expand the ingame tooltip of your spells and give detailed information, including listing the spell-coefficients. Anyway here they are:

Pyroblast 100
Pyroblast dot 70 (17.5% per tick)
Fireball 100
Arcane Missiles 100 (20% per missile)
Frostbolt 81,4
Fireblast 42,8
Scorch 42,8
Blizzard 33 (4.125% per tick)
Flamestrike 17,61
Flamestrike dot 6,81 (1.7% per tick)
Arcane Explosion 14,3
Frost Nova 13,57
Cone of Cold 13,57
Blast Wave 13,57
Ice Barrier 10

So with the example of 21 spell damage increase, you will see the full 21 damage on fireballs. Every arcane explosion will do 3 more damage to each target affected (which adds up ofcourse since it may affect many targets at once).

Chance to Hit
As a caster you will -always- have 1% chance to miss with your spells.
But also the level difference between you and your target adds further chances to miss.

Assuming you're level 60:
Target level 60 = 4% chance to miss. 3% is cap. (pvp)
Target level 61 = 5% chance to miss. 4% is cap.
Target level 62 = 6% chance to miss. 5% is cap.
Target level 63 = 17% chance to miss. 16% is cap. (pve)

Raid bosses are level 63, so our aim is to end up with 16% chance to Hit.
You will gain 6% chance to Hit from talents, so the last 10% must come from gear.

Chance to Crit
One misconception about Chance to Crit, is that 1% more chance to Crit means out of 100 casts, an additional one of them will crit. But that's not exactly how it works. Everytime you add one more 1% chance to Crit, you have to factor in your resist-chance into the calculation to see what it actually ends up changing.

If you have 10% chance to resist on a boss, then you will have 90% chance to hit it, in other words.
So if your crit chance is 20%, then only 90% of those will land on the target, and so the final amount of Criticals would be:
20 * 0,9 = 18 spells out of 100 casts will be a Critical hit.

I suggest that you use the Spelldamage Calculator (link in the top of this section) to see how Crit values against Hit and Spellpower.

Spell Penetration
Decreases the Magical Resistance of your target
A simple rule of thumb is that each 10 spell penetration adds 2.5% DPS increase on average, assuming the mob has any resistance in the first place since it isn't possible to reduce enemy resistance to below 0.
In Raids it is usually the case that if resistance to a particular school is very common, then Mages will simply respec to get rid of the problem, rather than try to look for items that reduces enemy resistance. This is why we don't use Fire talents in Molten Core.

In higher raids (ahn'qiraj and naxxramas) it is usually the case that atleast the bosses have high resistances to all schools of magic. A warlock can apply Curse of the Elements to reduce the resistance to Frost and Fire by 75 (and also increase your damage by 10% on top of that), but even with the curse up, the boss will have a lot of resistance left. It is adviced to have 40 spell penetration from gear. (and 10 more from talents). This would (with the curse) bring us to 125 spell penetration.

Resistance is very common in PvP due to the various class-buffs as well as Tier 1 and Tier 2 set having a lot of resistance on it. The reason for the spell penetration is obviously to avoid having your counterspells and polymorphs be resisted by the alliance, which usually ends up with you having to corpserun.

You can read more about how monster resistance work here.

For every 59.5 intellect you have, you gain 1% chance to crit. For every 1 intellect you have, you gain 15 maximum mana.

The critical-factor of Intellect is worth to remember, as some piece with 30 intellect has that 0,5% crit for free in addition to just extra mana.
There are not a lot of ways to get extra intellect from consumables unfortunately. But you can use the Cerebral Cortex Compound, granting 25 intellect for 1 hour (you get it in blasted lands). This consumable is unique so you can only carry one at a time, but definately grab that for those all-out progression fights.

Spirit and Mana every 5 seconds
Mana per 5 is garanteed regeneration, meaning you get the same from it regardless of whether you're casting spells or not.
Spirit gives better regeneration when it's been more than 5 seconds since your last spell-cast, but Spirit regeneration is reduced while you are casting. As we're gearing up to be casting more or less non-stop, the value of Spirit is generally lowest of all stats.
Your base mana regeneration comes from your spirit and ticks every 2 seconds. If you have any items with "mana per 5 seconds" then this regeneration is considered a secondary source. This distinction is important because:

Evocation causing 100% of your base-regeneration to continue while casting, and also increases base-regeneration by 1500%
What it means is that Evocation activates your non-casting-regeneration immediately when you channel Evocation, meaning it gives you the full effect from Spirit and increases that spirit-regeneration by 1500%
But what it also means by increasing the base-regeneration is that Mana per 5 is not increased.

How to get 1680 extra mana from Evocation:
Spirit of Zanza gives 50 stamina and 50 spirit for 2 hours. Having this buff active while evocating will yield an additional 800 mana. You can get this potion by turning in a Zandalar Honor Token at Yojamba Isle. Add this to your World-Buff list!
Will of Arlokk is a Staff from ZG with 35 spirit. Throw a 20 spirit enchant on it, and it will yield an additional 880 mana. Weapons can be swapped while casting spells. You can even download ItemRack addon to automatically equip and re-equip weapons during evocation.

That being said, most fights are so short that you don't need to use Evocation at all (compensate with potions and rubies when needed). So bottomline is that Spirit and Mana per 5 are not stats that you should emphasize over anything else. They are low-priority stats, good for consumables when nothing else is compromised.

Consider this the stat that protects your world buffs. Running around with Bloodvine set increases your chances of losing your world buffs due to random fuck-ups, not neccesarily your fault (rogues failing to kick the blackwing spellbinder so u get oneshotted by flamestrike for example). So i would not forget about Stamina completely.

That being said, most of the time if you're taking damage in a raid, it means you are standing at a wrong spot or you have l2p issues that Stamina won't help alleviating (over-aggro). Bring your Fire/Nature absorb potions to raids and you can put Stamina at the bottom of your stat priorities aswell.

As with any other class, we're not interested in resistance unless we're on specific fights where it's critically asked for. For a mage this is limited to Viscidus and Huhuran. Both are bosses in Ahn'Qiraj Temple and nature based. See more about gearing for them in the bottom of the Equipment section.
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4. Mage Consumables

When going to Ahn'Qiraj Temple you need roughly 2 bags for your consumables and other raid-junk.
I also bring some Molten Core and Blackwing Lair stuff as well in case the Raid Leader decides a change in plans.
Not counting Arcane Powder, Portal Runes and Light Feathers in the screenshots above, remember those too!


Brilliant Wizard Oil
Greater Arcane Elixir
Mageblood Potion
Major Mana Potion
Nightfin Soup - food buff
Limited Invulnerability Potion - drop all aggro temporarily


Elixir of Frost Power - 15 frost dmg for 30 min
Elixir of Greater Firepower - 40 fire dmg for 30 min
Flask of Supreme Power - 150 spell dmg for 2 hours
Light Feather - for your slow fall
Rumsey Rum Black Label - 15 stamina for 10 min
Elixir of Fortitude - 120 health for 1 hour
Spirit of Zanza - 50 stam and 50 spirit for 2 hours
Greater Fire Protection Potion
Greater Nature Protection Potion
Demonic Rune - for long fights
Elixir of Poison Resistance - removes poisons
Jungle Remedy - removes diseases and poisons
Restorative Potion - removes disease, poison, curse and magic effects for 30 sec
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5. Equipment

Here is an extensive equipment list. The number indicates the items result of a Spelldamage Calculator with a high-end gear setup. Damage results in PvE and assuming the boss have zero resistance. Stamina, spirit and Mana/5 sec have been given 0 value.

The numbers in the parenthesis shows the stats if used as part of a set. Set-bonuses are divided over the amount of items required to unlock it, so for example the 2-set bonus from ZG set is 12 spellpower. All items then get the 6 spellpower added to them (in the parenthesis). Keep in mind that equipping all 5 items won't add 30 spellpower, so in the parenthesis it is assumed that we don't equip more pieces than what is neccesary to unlock the bonus.

You may notice that Crit-items may have a lower score than expected. I have considered that these items are used in a PvE-environment where you have collected World Buffs (+18 crit) and Winter's Chill is already stacked up (+10 crit). In other words, your crit-chance is already exceptionally high, and at this point further Chance to Hit and Spellpower will do significantly more to your overall dps than more crit.

46 Frostfire Circlet - Thaddius
39 Enigma Circlet - Twin Emperors
38 Preceptor's Hat - Heigan the Unclean
38 Mish'undare, Circlet of the Mind Flayer - Nefarian
34 Spellweavers Turban - Drakkisath - preraid bis
30 (33) Warlord's Silk Cowl - Rank 13
30 The Hexxer's Cover - Jin'do the Hexxer
25 Netherwind Crown - Onyxia
24 (29) Arcanist Crown - Garr
22 (30) Champion's Silk Cowl - Rank 10

25 Amulet of Vek'nilash - Twin Emperors
25 Choker of the Firelord - Ragnaros
22 Gem of Trapped Innocents - Kel'Thuzad
20 Malice Stone Pendant - Grand Widow Faerlina
19 Charm of the Shifting Sands - Ossirian
15 Orb of the Darkmoon - Darkmoon Faire quests
15 Diana's Pearl Necklace - Cannon Master Willey - preraid bis
15 Jeklik's Opaline Talisman - High Priest Jeklik
14 Choker of Enlightenment - Lucifron
9 Soul Corrupter's Necklace - Hakkar

34 Rime Covered Mantle - Gluth
27 Frostfire Shoulderpads - Naxx bosses
25 Mantle of the Blackwing Cabal - Razorgore
25 Mantle of Phrenic Power - Princess Yauj
22 Enigma Shoulderpads - Huhuran + Viscidus
21 Boreal Mantle - Warder Stilgiss - preraid bis
19 (22) Warlord's Silk Amice - Rank 13
17 (25) Champion's Silk Mantle - Rank 10
16 Netherwind Mantle - Chromaggus
15 Burial Shawl - Scholomance bosses
12 (16) Arcanist Mantle - Baron Geddon
10 (15) Zandalar Illusionist's Mantle - Honored with ZG

33 Cloak of the Necropolis - Sapphiron
30 Cloak of the Devoured - C'Thun
25 Cloak of Consumption - Hakkar
21 Veil of Eclipse - Instructor Razuvious
21 Cloak of the Broodlord - Nefarian
16 Cape of the Trinity - Bug trio
16 Cloak of the Hakkari Worshipers - ZG Bosses
13 Drape of Vaulted Secrets - Revered with Cenarion Hold
13 Amplifying Cloak - Magister Kalendris - preraid bis
11 Sapphiron Drape - Onyxia

49 Frostfire Robe - Four Horsemen
39 Crystal Webbed Robe - Maexxna
37 Garb of Royal Ascension - AQ40 trash drop
36 (40) Bloodvine Vest - Tailoring - preraid bis
35 Enigma Robes - C'Thun
35 Robe of the Archmage - Tailoring
33 Jade Inlaid Vestments - Ysondre
30 (33) Warlord's Silk Raiment - Rank 13
30 Netherwind Robes - Nefarian
30 Freezing Lich Robes - Ras Frostwhisper
29 Robe of Winter Night - Tailoring
29 (33) Zandalar Illusionist's Robe - Revered with ZG
29 Vestments of the Shifting Sands - Kurinaxx
28 Robe of Volatile Power - MC bosses
27 Robes of the Battleguard - Battleguard Sartura
26 Necro-Knight's Garb - Naxx Trash
22 (30) Legionnaire's Silk Tunic - Rank 8

27 Rockfury Bracers - Silithus quests - preraid bis
24 Bracers of Arcane Accuracy - Broodlord Lashlayer
21 The Soul Harvester's Bindings - Gothik the Harvester
21 Burrower Bracers - Ouro
20 Frostfire Bindings - Naxx bosses
18 Black Bark Wristbands - Lethon
16 Dryad's Wrist Bindings - Warsong Gulch exalted
15 Netherwind Bindings - Razorgore
11 (15) Zandalar Illusionist's Wraps - Friendly with ZG
10 (14) Arcanist Bindings - Molten Core trash

35 Dark Storm Gauntlets - C'Thun
27 Frostfire Gloves - Maexxna
22 Bloodtinged Gloves - Jin'do the Hexxer
21 Netherwind Gloves - BWL Dragons
20 (23) General's Silk Handguards - Rank 12
20 Gloves of Delusional Power - Nightmare Dragons
19 Sandworm Skin Gloves - The Calling quest
19 Hands of Power - Quartermaster Zigris - preraid bis
14 (22) Blood Guard's Silk Handwraps - Rank 7
13 Shivery Handwraps - Ras Frostwhisper

35 Eyestalk Waist Cord - C'Thun
30 Frostfire Belt - Naxx bosses
26 Firemaw's Clutch - Firemaw
24 Mana Igniting Cord - MC bosses
21 Belt of Untapped Power - ZG Bosses
18 Netherwind Belt - Vaelastrasz
17 Angelista's Grasp - Chromaggus
17 Banthok's Sash - Ok'thor the Breaker (BRD arena) - preraid bis
16 Defiler's Cloth Girdle - Arathi Basin honored
12 (16) Arcanist Belt - MC trash drop

44 Leggings of the Festering Swarm - Sartura
43 Frostfire Leggings - Loatheb
43 Leggings of Polarity - Thaddius
36 Leggings of the Black Blizzard - Ossirian
35 (38) Bloodvine Leggings - Tailoring - preraid bis
32 Enigma Leggings - Ouro
31 Flarecore Leggings - Tailoring
29 Netherwind Pants - Ragnaros
28 (31) General's Silk Trousers - Rank 12
25 Skyshroud Leggings - Highlord Omokk
22 (30) Legionnaire's Silk Pants - Rank 8
21 (26) Arcanist Leggings - Magmadar
21 Bloodtinged Kilt - Blood Lord Mandokir

37 Ringo's Blizzard Boots - BWL trash drop
29 Enigma Boots - Huhuran + Viscidus
27 Frostfire Sandals - Naxx bosses
26 Boots of Epiphany - Twin Emperors
24 (27) General's Silk Boots - Rank 12
23 Snowblind Shoes - Azuregos
23 (26) Bloodvine Boots - Tailoring - preraid bis
22 Betrayer's Boots - High Priest Thekal
20 Netherwind Boots - Broodlord Lashlayer
19 (27) Blood Guard's Silk Walkers - Rank 7
14 (18) Arcanist Boots - Lucifron

34 Ring of the Fallen God - C'Thun
29 Ring of the Eternal Flame - Naxx trash
28 Seal of the Damned - Four Horsemen
27 Frostfire Ring - Kel'Thuzad
24 Band of Forced Concentration - Ebonroc
23 Rittsyn's Ring of Chaos - AQ40 trash
23 Ring of Spellpower - MC bosses
21 Mindtear Band - Taerar
21 Signet Ring of the Bronze Dragonflight - AQ40 Exalted
19 Rune Band of Wizardry - Lord Valthalak - preraid bis
18 Ring of Swarming Thought - The Prophet Skeram
17 Band of Servitude - ZG bosses
16 (23) Zanzil's Seal - Blood Lord Mandokir
16 Elementium Focus Band - Prince Skaldrenox
15 Freezing Band - Auction House - preraid bis
13 Don Mauricio's Band of Domination - Gandling
13 Maiden's Circle - Auction House
13 Eye of Orgrimmar - Blackrock Depths quest-chain
9 (15) Zanzil's Band - High Priest Venoxis

17 Doomfinger - Kel'Thuzad
17 Wand of Fates - Patchwerk
15 Cold Snap - Azuregos
13 Wand of Qiraji Nobility - Bug trio
13 Touch of Chaos - Hakkar
11 Wand of Biting Cold - Alterac Valley quest - preraid bis
8 Bonecreeper Stylus - Darkmaster Gandling
8 Ritssyn's Wand of Bad Mojo - Baron Rivendare

145 Atiesh, Greatstaff of the Guardian - 40 Splinters of Atiesh
105 Brimstone Staff - Loatheb
103 Soulseeker - Kel'Thuzad
79 Blessed Qiraji Acolyte Staff - AQ40 Bosses
73 Staff of the Shadow Flame - Nefarian
58 Staff of the Ruins - Ossirian
52 High Warlord's War Staff - Rank 14
43 Shadow Wing Focus Staff - BWL Dragons
42 Staff of the Qiraji Prophets - The Prophet Skeram
41 Ironbark Staff - Arathi Basin exalted
37 Staff of Dominance - Golemagg the Incinerator
36 Jin'do's Judgement - Jin'do the Hexxer
33 Amberseal Keeper - Kazzak
27 Lord Valthalak's Staff of Command - Lord Valthalak
23 Rod of the Ogre Magi - Gordok Tribute Chest

83 Wraith Blade - Maexxna
61 Midnight Haze - Grobbulus
57 High Warlord's Spellblade - Rank 14
57 Sharpened Silithid Femur - Viscidus
47 Claw of Chromaggus - Chromaggus
46 Runesword of the Red - Head of Broodlord Quest-chain
35 Azuresong Mageblade - Golemagg the Incinerator
26 Mindfang - Arathi Basin exalted
25 Bloodcaller - Hakkar
18 Fang of Venoxis - High Priest Venoxis
16 Sorcerous Dagger - MC bosses
11 Witchblade - Darkmaster Gandling - preraid bis

+33 Sapphiron's Left Eye - Sapphiron
+28 Royal Scepter of Vek'lor - Twin Emperors
+25 Tome of the Ice Lord - Alterac Valley exalted - preraid bis
+22 Jin'do's Bag of Whammies - Jin'do the Hexxer
+21 Master Dragonslayer's Orb - Nefarian
+21 Talon of Furious Concentration - Moam
+19 Scepter of Interminable Focus - Sothos and Jarien
+18 Gem of Nerubis - Grand Widow Faerlina
+18 Trance Stone - Nightmare Dragons
+14 Spirit of Aquementas - Un'goro quest chain
+13 Tome of the Lost - Drakkisath
+10 Fire Runed Grimoire - MC bosses

'Evocation' weapon
Will of Arlokk - High Priestess Arlokk
Soulkeeper - Auction House - preraid bis
Dancing Sliver - Quest-chain
(get 20 spirit enchant on this weapon)

If you're specced for Arcane Power, the effectiveness of MQG gets much higher because you are able to squeeze in 2 extra frostbolts during the 30%-bonus time, and is by far the best trinket with that spec.
The only exception could be long fights involving heavy AoE, like Nefarian (phase 3) where Talisman of Ephemeral Power would be a better option for main trinket as it can be used several times during the long encounter.

Secondary trinket would be Neltharion's Tear, also by a great margin. If you don't have it then you should consider Briarwood Reed.
Talisman of Ephemeral Power is not as high priority if you have Mind Quickening Gem because they cannot be used at the same time. Talisman is 30% less useful if you don't activate it during AP - so if you have MQG then Briarwood Reed would be the better choice for secondary trinket.

Best Combinations:
Neltharion's Tear and Mind Quickening Gem
Neltharion's Tear and Talisman of Ephemeral Power
Neltharion's Tear and Briarwood Reed
Briarwood Reed and Mind Quickening Gem
Briarwood Reed and Talisman of Ephemeral Power

Nature Resistance gear for Ahn'Qiraj Temple
Head: Sylvan Crown +30 (Tailoring)
----- Enchant: Savage Guard +10 (Zul'Gurub)
Shoulder: Sylvan Shoulders +20 (Tailoring)
Cloak: Gaea's Embrace +20 (Tailoring)
----- Enchant: Greater Nature Resistance +15 (Enchanting)
Chest: Sylvan Vest +30 (Tailoring)
Legs: Cenarion Reservist's Pants +25 (Quest chain in Silithus)
----- Enchant: Savage Guard +10 (Zul'Gurub)

Total from Gear: 165
Mage Armor: +15
Hunter / Shaman in group: +60
Total: 240

Materials needed for Tailoring and Enchanting parts

Mooncloth: 4
Bolt of Runecloth: 10
Bloodvine: 3
Living Essence: 16
Ironweb Spider Silk: 10
Nexus Crystal: 2
Large Brilliant Shard: 8

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6. Professions

In later expansions of the game, all proffesions had some perk, like special bracer enchants, leatherworking battle drums, extended duration on flasks etc. All of that is pretty much non-existant in vanilla. Almost everything that can be crafted, is tradeable. And so in the end, since you can always ask a guildy to help you out with crafting some potions or whatever, it doesn't really matter too much which proffesions you select.

There are exceptions ofcourse, so If you're looking to get a combat advantage through proffesions, then we're looking at those items that specifically requires a certain proffesion to use it.


Bloodvine Set: Everyone can equip this set, but only tailors will be able to get the set-bonus when using all 3 pieces. Another free 2% Chance to Crit makes this set better than anything else you can get until you're halfway through Naxxramas. Getting this set-bonus is the reason that a lot of diehard raiders will select Tailoring as one of their two professions.


Arcanite Dragonling, 1 hour cooldown. This combat-pet will put a stacking debuff (up to 5) on the target, increasing Fire damage taken by 60 for each application, which lasts 30 seconds. That is up to 300 extra fire spellpower on all of our mages for ~45 seconds. This really should be advised for all mages with engineering to acquire this baby.

Use the trinket before the pull to activate the dragonling, and then equip another trinket just before tanks go. Dragonling lasts 1 minute. An interesting addition to the all-out fights.

Engineering bombs and a lot of cool PVP+raid wipe gadgets

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7. Addons


KLHThreatMeter (KTM)


Archaeologist - adds info to target hp, so you know when %-health triggers are close
Bonus Scanner - needed to use Caster Stats
Caster Stats - adds spell-dmg stats to the character panel
Classic Snowfall - activates spell/ability on button press instead of button release
Improved Error Frame - prevents addon errors pop-up
ItemRack - change sets of gear on the fly
OmniCC - shows number on the spell-icon to reflect its cd
RangeColor - turns spell-icon red if target is out of range.
Recap - keeps eye on damage meters
Supermacro - enables certain macro-functions
TrinketMenu - makes changing trinkets much easier
XRS - addon that makes buffing easier, strongly recommended.

More Information:

Required Guild Addons
Addons section

Automatically scans the raid for players who are affected by a Curse, and removes the effect from a random player (or priority targets first) when you press the keybind.
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8. Talents

Raiding Specs:

Winter's Chill
18 / 0 / 33
Winter's Chill adds 10% crit chance with frost spells versus the target once it has stacked up 5 times, increasing 2% chance per application. It is advised that atleast two mage uses this build in Blackwing Lair, so that we can have improved blizzard on each of the sides during Nefarian.

Arcane Instability and Ice Block (AIB)
28 / 0 / 23
Gain 2 Ice Blocks (with cold snap) and give up the Arcane Power. There are certain fights in Blackwing Lair where Ice Block is really good to have. Firemaw, Chromaggus and Nefarian. You still get 3% more damage and 3% extra crit, so the damage loss is not that much. A flexible build combining damage and survivability, good for progression raiding.

17 / 31 / 3
This is the build we use in Ahn'Qiraj Temple. See more about Ignite here.
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9. Enchants

Head: -----------------------------------------------------------
Presence of Sight
+18 Spell damage and 1% Chance to Hit
Punctured Voodoo Doll (1), Primal Hakkari Idol (1)
Requires: Friendly Reputation with Zandalar Tribe

Arcanum of Focus
+8 Spell damage
Libram of Focus (1), Pristine Black Diamond (1), Large Brilliant Shard (4), Skin of Shadow (2)

Arcanum of Constitution
+100 Health
Libram of Constitution (1), Black Diamond (1), Lung Juice Coctail (1), Night Dragon's Breath (4)

Shoulder: -------------------------------------------------------
Zandalar Signet of Mojo
+18 Spell damage
Requires: Exalted Reputation with Zandalar Tribe

Mantle of the Dawn
Requires: Reputation with Argent Dawn:
Revered: +5 resistance to any resistance
Exalted: +5 resistance to all

Cloak: -----------------------------------------------------------
Reduces threat by 2%
Nexus Crystal (4), Large Brilliant Shard (6), Black Diamond (2)
Rare Enchant: Drops in Ahn'Qiraj Temple

Greater Fire Resistance
Increases Fire Resistance by 15
Nexus Crystal (3), Large Brilliant Shard (8], Essence of Fire (4)

Greater Nature Resistance
Increases Nature Resistance by 15
Nexus Crystal (2), Large Brilliant Shard (8], Living Essence (4)

Chest: -----------------------------------------------------------
Greater Stats
Increases all Stats by 4
Large Brilliant Shards (4), Illusion Dust (15), Greater Eternal Essence (10)

Major Health
+100 Health
Small Brilliant Shard (1), Illusion Dust (6)

Bracer: ----------------------------------------------------------
Greater Intellect
Increases Intellect by 7
Lesser Eternal Essence (3)

Superior Stamina
Increases Stamina by 9
Illusion Dust (15)

Mana Regeneration
Restores 4 mana every 5 seconds
Illusion Dust (16), Greater Eternal Essence (4), Essence of Water (2)

Gloves: ----------------------------------------------------------
Fire Power: Rare Enchant
Increased the Spelldmg of Fire spells by 20
Nexus Crystal (2), Large Brilliant Shard (10), Essence of Fire (4)

Frost Power: Rare Enchant
Increased the Spelldmg of Frost spells by 20
Nexus Crystal (3), Large Brilliant Shard (10), Essence of Water (4)

Riding Skill
Grants a minor movement bonus while mounted.
Large Radiant Shard (2), Dream Dust (3)

Legs: -----------------------------------------------------------
Presence of Sight
+18 Spell damage and 1% Chance to Hit
Punctured Voodoo Doll (1), Primal Hakkari Idol (1)
Requires: Friendly Reputation with Zandalar Tribe

Arcanum of Focus
+8 Spell damage
Libram of Focus (1), Pristine Black Diamond (1), Large Brilliant Shard (4), Skin of Shadow (2)

Arcanum of Constitution
+100 Health
Libram of Constitution (1), Black Diamond (1), Lung Juice Coctail (1), Night Dragon's Breath (4)

Boots: -----------------------------------------------------------
Greater Stamina
Increases Stamina by 7
Dream Dust (10)

Minor Speed
Minor Movement Speed increase
Small Radiant Shard (1), Aquamarine (1), Lesser Nether Essence (1)

Weapon: --------------------------------------------------------
Increases Spelldamage by 30
Large Brilliant Shard (4), Greater Eternal Essence (12), Essence of Fire (4), Essence of Water (4), Essence of Air (4), Golden Pearl (2)

Other: -----------------------------------------------------------

In order to get 10 Nature Resistance on your Head or Legs, you need to first get an arcanum of Focus/Rapidity/Protection.
Then you bring that Arcanum to the Temple inside Zul'Gurub (where theres a Troll quest-giver on top) and turn it in. Then you recieve the item that enchants 10 NR.
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10. Macros

Arcane Power is an aura you activate, which means if you press it twice it will be cancelled again. Use this macro if you want to spam the button without cancelling the effect:

Arcane Power + Presence of Mind + Frostbolt
/script i=1;m=0;while(UnitBuff("player",i)~=nil) do if(strfind(UnitBuff("player",i),"Spell_Nature_Lightning")~=nil) then m=1; end;i=i+1;end; c=CastSpellByName; if(m==0) then c("Arcane Power"); end;
/cast Presence of Mind
/cast Frostbolt

Cast a spell where your mouse-cursor is on the screen, instead of on your target
/script TargetUnit("mouseover");CastSpellByName("Counterspell");

The macros below requires SuperMacro addon installed

Eat and Drink with 1 button
/script UseItemByName("Conjured Crystal Water"); UseItemByName("Conjured Cinnamon Roll");

Use mana gems and robe of archmage (if its equipped)
/use Mana Ruby
/use Mana Citrine
/use Mana Jade
/use 5

Use Healing consumables
/use Major Healing Draught
/use Major Healing Potion
/use Superior Healing Potion
/use Major Healthstone
/use Whipper Root Tuber

Cast Arcane Explosion(rank 1) until clearcasting procs, then cast Arcane Explosion (max rank)
/run if not buffed("Clearcasting") then cast("Arcane Explosion(rank 1)"); else cast ("Arcane Explosion"); end

Cast Scorch(rank 1) until clearcasting procs, then cast Arcane Missiles (max rank)
/script if buffed("Clearcasting") then CastSpellByName ("Arcane Missiles"); else CastSpellByName ("Scorch(rank 1)"); end

Notifies the raid when you cast Counterspell, and also use Mana Gems automatically if you don't have enough mana
/cast Counterspell
/pass CS used on %t
/script if (UnitMana("player") < 99) then UseItemByName("Mana Ruby"); UseItemByName("Mana Citrine"); UseItemByName("Mana Jade"); end

Scorch cannot be reflected. And uses lowest rank if oom
/script if buffed("e Reflect", 'target') then SpellStopCasting(); else CastSpellByName("Scorch"); end
/script if buffed("Reflection", 'target') then SpellStopCasting(); end
/script if (UnitMana("player") < 150) then CastSpellByName("Scorch(rank 1)"); end

Frostbolt cannot be reflected. And uses lowest rank if oom
/script if buffed("Reflection", 'target') then SpellStopCasting(); end
/script if buffed("Frost Reflect", 'target') then cast("Scorch"); else cast("Frostbolt"); end
/script if (UnitMana("player") < 290) then CastSpellByName("Frostbolt(rank 1)"); end

Frost Nova and Inspect enemy (duels to check for pvp trinket equipped)
/cast Frost Nova(rank 1)
/script if (UnitMana("player") < 54) then UseItemByName("Mana Ruby"); UseItemByName("Mana Citrine"); UseItemByName("Mana Jade"); end
/script if (UnitFactionGroup("target")=="Horde") then InspectUnit("target");end

Cast Presence of Mind and Pyroblast, but uses Frostbolt instead if the target has Fire Reflector trinket active
/script local _, duration, _ = GetSpellCooldown(82, BOOKTYPE_SPELL); if duration == 0 then CastSpellByName("Presence of Mind"); SpellStopCasting() end
/script if not buffed("Fire Reflector", 'target') then cast("Pyroblast"); else cast("Frostbolt"); end
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11. Mechanics: How Resistances works

Level-based resistance: ~24 resistance to all schools (including holy)
This cannot be reduced in any way, however it applies only to Non-binary spells: Fireball, Shadowbolt etc.
Level-based resistance has no effect on Binary spells, such as Counterspell, Fear, Dispel Magic, Frostbolt (!)

Mob-specific resistance: ranges from 0-300 (holy resistance always 0)
The specific resistance and the monsters level-resistance added together cannot be higher than 300. (=75% reduction=cap). This resistance affects both binary and non-binary spells.

A lvl 63 monster has 24 level resistance and happens to have 50 fire resistance
Its fire reduction is ((24+50)/300)*0,75 = 18,5% average damage resisted

Now a warlock puts curse of elements, and the 50 fire resistance is reduced to 0 (resistance cannot go below zero). The level based resistance cannot be reduced and remains unchanged.
The resistance of the mob is now 24 level resistance and 0 fire resistance.
It's fire reduction is ((24+0)/300)*0,75 = 6%

Now the level-resistance only affects non-binary spells, which means that 6% reduction is going to be spread out over partial resists. For example out of 100 fireballs, 4 may do 50% less damage while 16 of them does 25% less damage, for a total average of 6% damage loss.

Resistance in Starting Raid Content
Bosses generally have 0 specific-resistances to all schools, and then some are immune to for example Fire. Curse of Shadow and Elements in this case only provide the 10% damage increase and does not actually reduce any resistance. The partial resists still happen ofcourse, as explained above, due to the level-resistance.

Resistance in Endgame Content
In AQ40 and Naxxramas bosses have specific-resistance to all schools. The actual amount varies from 60 - 120. At this point the Curses reduces that by 75, and Spell Penetration is needed to reduce the remaining 45. Luckily this content is also where a lot of items start dropping with this stat, and 10 spell penetration will be worth more than 1 Hit by quite a bit.
The optimal pieces to achieve 40 spell penetration (seeing we also get 10 from our talents) are the Tier 2.5 Chest from C'Thun (20), and the Ring from Prophet Skeram (20).
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12. Mechanics: Ignite

When we play Fire the whole build works around this talent. The Ignite effect stacks up to 5 times and each new Fire damage spell critical will reset the duration of the effect. Only one Ignite effect can be up on the monster at any time, so all our mages will contribute to the same Ignite, and whoever started the Ignite will be credited all the damage and all of the threat.


The first question you need to ask yourself is not how to optimize the damage of the ignite, but rather how to control the ignite. Stacking up the ignite will happen very quickly and once it's up the damage starts ticking for very high amounts of damage (4000+ ignites is not unusual) every 2 seconds once 5 stacks have been reached.

If we are not able to control this amount of threat, and if we end up pulling aggro off of the boss we're not going to remain fire specced very long. So in order to prevent that we have to:

Watch KTM at all times, not just yourself but any mage in the top of the threat meter.
Download an Addon that monitors who is owning the Ignite. You can find it here.
Pay attention in the Orgrimage channel:
STOP FIRE - use Missiles
This message means the mage who owns the Ignite will soon top the tanks on threat unless we get the Ignite effect off the boss. Any fire spell crit will continue to reset the duration so it is important that all of us stop casting firespells until the Ignite is expired.
Bring 5x Limited Invulnerability Potion - which causes your aggro to drop to zero for 6 seconds.
Acquire the Fetish of the Sand Reaver-trinket as soon as you can.

Optimizing the Ignite
Once the control is solid, we can start to look into the math and the optimization.
We've established that Ignite does a lot of threat, and the more we optimize the damage, the higher the threat will be. So we run into a dilemma:
Everytime we stop casting fire spells (to drop off the ignite) we're losing a lot of overall damage. So will higher ignites not just make us having to stop more?

The secret is to have high ignites that drop off before the threat becomes dangerous. So contrary to what you might expect - the objective will be to build our gear around high spellpower and not high crit-chance. Remember that with world-buffs we have 18% crit-chance just from those 3 buffs: Dire Maul, Songflower and Ony buff. Then we have 6% from critical mass talent and atleast 5% from intellect.
So we already have 29% crit-chance even with 0 crit on our items.

Ideally we want the high ignites from high spellpower, and have them run off naturally - and for when it doesn't seem to run out, we'll keep the things in mind listed above regarding threat.
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13. Blackwing Lair

What the mage needs to do in Blackwing Lair on the various encounters.
Things that you can't affect or don't have to worry about is not mentioned.

Phase 1: You will be assigned to a corner in Razorgores room. From these corners 3 different monsters will spawn: Orc Legionnaires, Orc Mages and Dragonspawns. As a mage your job is to kill the Legionnaries and Mages as quickly as possible together with the other players assigned in your corner. The monsters keep spawning until the many Eggs around Razorgores room has been destroyed, which takes roughly 5 minutes. In the beginning of the phase there will be very few adds spawning, and more and more will spawn near the end of the 5 minutes - and at some point you might need to polymorph the mages and legionnaires because there will be more of them than you have time to kill.
Phase 2: When all of the Eggs are destroyed, the adds that are still alive will instantly exit combat and leave the room. When this happens, run to the pillar (the raid will all be running to it so just follow everyone else) and use the pillar to avoid the Fire Volley attack from the boss. Razorgore uses conflagrate on the maintank (similar to general drakkisath in ubrs) so the 2nd highest on threat needs to be another tank - so keep that in mind when you dps the boss.

Wait 6 seconds for threat, then go nuke.
If you get the "bomb" effect, you must run to the tail of the boss, far away from the raid so you don't explode and deal massive damage to everyone around you. Your spells are instant cast while you have the bomb effect so make sure to pull some extra dps before dying, but don't overaggro!

Supression Room:
Always follow the raid, don't fall behind.
Hatchers: They will cast Flamestrike occasionally (usually each time they are pulled and running to the raid) - make sure you Counterspell this. Let the melee dps kill the Hatcher though, our job is to focus on the whelps.
Taskmasters: They do an AoE healing that you should interrupt. They can also be polymorphed to have better control. You can even spam-polymorph them while we're attacking them, because it will interrupt their casts and they won't be healed by the poly because someone will immediately break it.
Whelps: These re-spawn every 60 seconds or so. Use Blizzard or Arcane Explosion to take care of these. Keep limited invulnerability potions keybound to help you survive. If you are Frost specced with improved blizzard you can even use Blizzard while they are moving towards the raid, before they reach us, that way they will be at 50% hp before they get in range to touch us.

Broodlord Lashlayer:
The boss will occasionally cut the Threat of the maintank by half, and the boss is not Taunt-able. If you over-aggro we can be in big trouble very quickly. Use Arcane Missiles (highest damage per threat spell we have).
Sometimes someone near the boss will be knockbacked into whelps and pull 5-15 whelps. You need to save your mana in case this happens, so never go below 30% mana - you're going to need it if we pull Whelps.

Warlocks and Technician-packs:
Spellbinder: They are immune to all magic. Other classes takes care of them.
Taskmaster: They are resistant to all magic-schools except one random. That one they will take triple damage from, so watch your threat.
Warlock: Warriors take care of these, however it can be difficult for the warriors to pick them up as they are likely to stop and cast Shadow Bolts near the Goblins. Keep an eye out for the Warlocks and when they start casting - use Counterspell. This way they will try to engage melee and then they can easily be picked up. Don't attack the Warlocks though until the Technicians are dead.
Technicians: Every pull will have about 8-10 goblin technicians in them. Mages are primarily assigned to these goblins and don't touch the other adds until all the goblins are dead. We try to pull the goblins so that they all stack up in a corner, and then we Blizzard them down. They through bombs towards you so keep Fire Ward and Ice Barrier up, and be ready to move out of Rain of Fire (from the enemy warlocks). I recommend using Greater Fire Protection Potion for these pulls.

Use Onyxia Scale Cloak
Every 5 seconds he will cast a stacking DoT on everyone in line of sight. You can avoid this spell by standing around a corner, move out to cast a spell, and then move back in to hide while he casts it. It is possible to avoid every single spell that way, and that will also ensure that your damage is sufficiently lower than normal, so that you don't over-aggro. Keep Fire Ward and Ice Barrier up.

Wyrmguard Pack:
The Wyrmguard packs are the hardest trash in the instance. They are harder than some of the bosses because a lot of things can go wrong.
When we pull them, they will become vulnerable to 1 type of magic. Frost, Fire, Arcane, Shadow or Nature
Whatever vulnerability they have will increase damage dealt by 300% in that school. You will do an insane amount of damage - but the threat table is the same as usual meaning that the tanks still do their normal amount of threat. So watch your damage - if they are vulnerable then take breaks, don't just go all out.
If you pull the mob, it will run to you and one-shot you and everyone next to you. This usually leads to a wipe so watch KTM and the vulnerabilities.

Use Onyxia Scale Cloak
Not much to think about. Just cast your spells and kill it. Don't overaggro.

Use Onyxia Scale Cloak
Detect Magic helps on this boss.
Not much to think about. Just cast your spells and kill it. Don't overaggro. You can use Fire Ward to absorb some of the AoE damage he deals.

Detect Magic helps on this boss.
Every 30 seconds he will cast a different breath-attack. You must move out of line of sight to avoid these breaths.
Hourglass Sand can be used to remove a stun-effect that you might be affected with. However we only have few Hourglass Sand for the raid, and Mages are not prioritized to recieve them. So instead you will have to move out of line of sight about 5 seconds before the Breath is cast so that you are certain to be safe if you should be stunned.
The Boss has changing vulnerabilities during the fight - don't overaggro when he is vulnerable. Save your threat for the Enrage phase at the end so that you can go all out when it starts.
Enrages at 20% hp. Stop DPS at 25% so that we can bring him into the Enrage -AFTER- a breath.

Use Onyxia Scale Cloak
Phase 1 - Drakonids: The raid is split up into 2 raids- group1+3+5+7 at one of the Doors, groups 2+4+6+8 at the other Door. Out will come draconids that will kill fairly easy. This phase takes about 3 minutes. Not much going on.
Phase 2 - Nefarian has landed: When the timer runs out and no more draconids spawn, nefarian will fly in and land. He is immune to Fire to just use Frost/Arcane spells. Every 30 seconds or so the Tank will get a Curse debuff that reduces healing recieved by 75%. This must be removed as quickly as possible ofcourse. He also fears the raid occasionally, which is not a problem unless you stand close enough to be feared into his cleave range which can kill you. Stand at 25 yards range and you're fine. Aside from that, there's not much going on for us.
Mage class-call: During phase 2 Nefarian will call out one random class every 30 seconds roughly. When our class is called we will cast Polymorph on random players in the raid. This has unlimited range so there's no reason to run away from anyone. We can't do anything to prevent it but priests can dispel the polymorph. Also do not use Evocation during this class-call, because if one of the other mages polymorph you it breaks the evocation obviously.
Phase 3 - Skeleton army: When Nefarian drops to 20% all the draconids we killed in phase 1 ressurect as skeletons. They spawn where they were killed - in front of the 2 doors. So we will be AoE'ing them down (preferably before they reach the raid) by standing ready at both places.
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14. Temple of Ahn'Qiraj

What the mage needs to do in AQ40 on the various encounters.
Things that you can't affect or don't have to worry about is not mentioned.

Trash before Prophet Skeram:
Use Detect Magic
Anubisath Sentinel: These adds have various abilities they will gain when pulled. 100% chance to reflect [Fire and Arcane] or [Shadow and Frost]-magic are two of the different abilities they can have. Obviously keep an eye out for this and use the correct spells accordingly (or just make the macros i made below). Each time an Anubisath dies, the remaining ones learn the same ability as the one that was killed. There are 4 anubisath so the kill-order is based on their abilities, as we want to kill the ones with the weakest abilities first. Keep an ear out on Teamspeak - the raid leader should call out the targets to attack.

Prophet Skeram:
Mind-control: Players are mindcontrolled during the course of the fight. Players increase in size and their damage is increased - make sure that you Polymorph anyone who is mindcontrolled as quickly as possible.
Arcane Explosion: When the "hands" of the boss is glowing white - he is casting Arcane Explosion (roughly 1,5 second cast-time). Try to Counterspell this if your cooldown is ready, it helps the melee groups a lot.
Illusions: When the boss reaches 75% health he will summon 2 illusions which have to be killed. He will summon 2 more illusions at 50% and finally at 25% health. The boss will be marked with a Raid-Symbol and keeps this when illusions appear - so anything that is not marked will be an Illusion! Do not attack the boss until Illusions are dead.
Blink: The boss sometimes blink away from the tank and when he does this he resets Aggro - so be careful with your damage, and if you happen to get the aggro make sure to either use an Limited Invulnerability Potion or run to the tank as quickly as possible.

Bug Trio:
Lord Kri: Shoots poison bolts onto the raid. Use a Nature Protection potion if you have low health, but otherwise shamans should be able to remove the poison in time so that you shouldn't die.
Princess Yauj: Fears occasionally and will also cast a massive Heal from time to time. Use Counterspell to interrupt the heal if you are within range (although usually this boss is tanked abit apart from the others)
Vem: Does berzerker charge onto random raidmembers, nothing too much to worry about.

Battleguard Sartura:
Use Detect Magic
There are 3 adds and then the boss. Adds are killed first. All of them have Whirlwind ability which is the primary thing to watch out for in the encounter, because they also occasionally reset aggro randomly. Keep out of range of the Whirlwind - it will kill you in 2-3 seconds!

Fankriss the Unyielding:
Stack up with other ranged/healers and focus on monsters after this priority:
Spawn of Fankriss (worm) > Fankriss (boss) > Hatchling (beetle)

Princess Huhuran:
Use Detect Magic
Use Greater Nature Protection Potion (Required)
Keep at range from the boss, spread out so that you keep 5-10 yards to other players minimum. At 30% the boss goes into Berzerk so save your cooldowns for this step. Mind Quickening Gem is the optimal trinket for high burst during this time.

Twin Emperors:


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