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Blackwing Lair Preparation

Fredd / Aug 07, 2018 / General
I want to take a quick moment and say about how proud I am, and how proud leadership as a whole is, of <Paradox> so far. We have a strong, organized, and united front. We are setup for success and I cannot wait to see new content on the horizon.

That said, it's BWL time!

Below is a list of consumables that EVERYONE will need beyond their normal class consumes (regardless of class/spec/role) for progression through BWL.

To clarify; we consider progression raiding being less than 8/8 in BWL.

Each night of BWL progression everyone will need to bring the following until we are 8/8. Some of these are only for specific fights so do not be alarmed.

NOTE: Flasking will be required for ALL 40 people in the raid until we are 8/8 for progression (first guild kills on each boss). We are giving advance notice (approximately 5-6 weeks) to be sure and have the minimum amount required for progression raiding. Below is a list of which flask everyone needs to bring x2 of for every progression night depending on your class/spec/role.

The guild bank as a decent amount of Flask of the Titans already crafted. If you are struggling to make ends meet for any reason please reach out to Fredd directly and we are happy to work something out so that you at least have titans to pop every progression night regardless of you class/spec/roll. With this said, please do not take advantage of this if you are capable and able to farm on your own. There is a limited number of resources on the guild bank at the moment so please be respectful of that.

One recommendation to help save for BWL progression would be to hold off on popping flasks for ONY/MC. We should be at the point now where they are not required.

TLDR: start buying Black Lotus and making flasks if you have not already.


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