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Blackwing Lair Cleared

Vizagoth / Oct 03, 2018 / Raid
Paradox fully prepared stormed the lair of Nefarian and successfully cleared all progression content on night one. A huge thanks and recognition for the tremendous efforts of everyone in the raid. Also, a big thanks to our leaders for the countless hours they put in to help get everything prepared. Yall did a great job raid leading and I think the results speak for themselves. Lets keep up the pace and continue to farm all content while we get ready for the War Effort and AQ 40.

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razor = 1 shot
vael = 1 shot
brood = 1 shot
firemaw = 6 shot
ebon = 1 shot
flameg = 1 shot
chromag = 2 shot
nef = 2 shot
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