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Official Loot List Rollout

Fredd / Oct 23, 2018 / General

As always in my Shivtr posts, I wanted to take a quick moment to highlight some of the amazing things we have been able to do as a guild so far on Kronos 3!

  • Consistently clear every MC and ONY lockout while maintaining smooth, quick, clears to push for records.
  • Banded together for the greater good to overcome multiple obstacles; such as the great Shaman Exodus of 2018.
  • Cleared BWL under every available lockout.
  • Consistently continuing to reduce our BWL clear time.

<Paradox> is no one's to own. We are guild for players and by players. Without such an amazing group of players we would not be as successful as we all are. I am absolutely confident in our abilities not only on our current server, but on Blizzard's official Classic WoW servers when they release. We will conquer, we will succeed, we will squawk.

Why Loot Lists?

From the inception of <Paradox> our intention was to be a loot list raid team. Lists solve a lot of issues. Just to summarize and restate a few:

  • Drama Free: To subvert loot drama, all loot has a predetermined plan before any player actually steps in the instance. All data is public and available to everyone.
  • Faster Looting = Faster Clearing: By having everything pre-planned and visible to all players, it eliminates the majority of real time conversation in instance about loot. The loot master looks at the list and sends the items to bags in seconds.
  • Player Control: Lists put players in charge of what they want. They empower players to really think about what they want and in what order.
  • Attendance: Finally lists encourage, enforce, promote, and reward HIGH attendance over a long period of time. The hardest thing in vanilla is finding 40 dedicated people week after week after month after month; this system fixes that. Players that have high attendance over time are rewarded based on the item formula. If players want gear, they simply need to show up over time consistently to increase their ranks on items.

The Formula

As everyone is aware of by now, the initial rank a player gives to an item is not the only factor that goes into an item's final value. There is a formula that takes place behind the scenes. It calculates off of the following:

(player determined rank) +
(10% of that players attendance over the last 10 weeks) +
(10% of the number of times the player has been in the instance where the item is from)

TLDR - see below for the important/new stuff


We originally intended to roll loot lists out completely for the start of AQ40.

Since the start of BWL we have been collecting, tracking, and compiling loot lists on our Guild Google Doc. As of last week, we have received ALL lists from Raider+ ranked players. Thank you everyone!

Up until now, lists have only been used for reference.

Due to strong amounts of feedback and our beta testing/soft rollout over the last few weeks we have decided to move to a 100% loot list system sooner.

  • Starting on Thursday 11/1/2018, next week's BWL, <Paradox> will be on a full loot list system.
  • Lists will be the end all be all choice for where loot is going.

As a group, we realize that some players did not put the proper amount of effort, time, thought, class communication, etc. into their lists because they thought they would be a pure reference point for the time being. Due to this we are giving all players the opportunity to resubmit their list if they chose to. Players will have 1 week to do so.

  • All players have until 12pm EST (midnight) on Tuesday 10/30/2018 to resubmit their lists to Fredd on Discord.
  • If a player misses the deadline and/or chooses not to resubmit their list all items they have received from their current/original list will be removed, freeing up the item rank slot for items left on the list. This will up priorities on other items to keep this fair for all raiders.
  • Spacing rules still apply here; see the Guild Google Doc Rules tab, starting on line 131, for full details.

From now until 12pm EST (midnight) on Tuesday 10/30/2018 Fredd will be collecting and compiling loot list updates. All list resubmits will be entered by between 12:01am EST on 10/31/2018 to 7pm EST on 11/1/2018. List modifications will not be visible/input on our Guild Google Doc until this time.



As always, please do not hesitate to ask any questions, bring up any concerns, provide any feedback.

We STRONGLY suggest and request that EVERYONE re-familiarize yourselves with the rules in our Guild Google Doc. All situations/issues should have clauses in there already, but again if any questions still exist do not hesitate to ask.

See you in raid!


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