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AQ40 Preparation

Fredd / Dec 05, 2018 / General
As always, I like to start these posts off by saying how proud of our guild and our community I am! With each release on K3 classic grows closer and closer; soon it will be ours for the taking!

That said, AQ40 is next!

Below is a link to the following that EVERYONE (regardless of class/spec/role) will need to farm and have ready for AQ40:

  • Consumable requirements for progression and estimates on the amount you will need for the first month of raiding in AQ40
  • Frost Weapons
  • Nature Resistance Gear

Google Doc with full details on the above. Thank you Lejes for leading the charge on this one to get it out ASAP to everyone!

We are giving advance notice here (approximately 3-4 months) to be sure and have the minimum amount required for the first month in AQ40; it's a lot.
  • I want to be clear and state that we do not anticipate progression to take a month, at most we are estimating 2 weeks. That said, the first month can be rough while things are still "new". With this in mind, we as a leadership group decided to provide estimations on the minimum consumes necessary to raid AQ40 during that first month. We anticipate possibly wiping on bosses during this time so we need to be ready as a group. Being that this is a large list please start IMMEDIATELY!

NOTE: Greater Nature Protection Potions are required. You cannot use the lesser/cheaper versions. Players are required to carry 25+ Greater NR Pots in their bags to all AQ40 raids for the first month. We estimate each player will need 100-150 of these in total for the first month of raiding.

NOTE: As always, flasking will be required for ALL 40 people in the raid until we are 9/9 for progression (first guild kills on each boss). Below is a list of which flask everyone needs to bring x2 of for every progression night depending on your class/spec/role. We estimate each player will need 4 Flasks in total for the first month of raiding.

As before, the guild bank as a decent amount of Flask of the Titans already crafted. If you are struggling to make ends meet for any reason please reach out to Fredd directly and we are happy to work something out so that you at least have titans to pop every progression night regardless of you class/spec/roll. With this said, please do not take advantage of this if you are capable and able to farm on your own. There is a limited number of resources on the guild bank so please be respectful of that.

One recommendation to help save for AQ40 progression would be to hold off on popping flasks for ONY/MC/BWL now. We should be at the point now where they are not required.

TLDR 1: start buying Black Lotus and making flasks if you have not already.

TLDR 2: start farming Elemental Earth in bulk. It will only get harder and more expensive as AQ40 gets closer.

See you at the Old God's corpse,


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