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Fredd's K3 Retirement

Fredd / Jun 17, 2019 / General

It has been 443 days since K3 opened. That is 1 year, 2 months, 2 weeks, and 3 days that <Paradox> has existed.

While <Paradox> is by no means the "best" guild in terms of clear times, progression, etc. <Paradox> is the best guild I have ever been a part of and my personal favorite guild. I cannot wait to see what we achieve together in Classic.

On 6/25/2019 <Paradox> will have been raiding on this server for 404 days. Our first MC raid was on Thursday 5/17/2018. That means we have been raiding for 1 year, 1 month, and 1 week or 115 raid nights; which is about 460 hours of raiding or 19 days 4 hours.

To summarize; we spend a lot of time together! <Paradox> is full of my closest friends; I think all of us spend more time together with each other than most real life friends.

We are a family.

As of 6/25/2019; during all of the raid nights we have been in MC/ONY for a combine 88 times, been in BWL 36 times, been in AQ40 10 times, and we will have been in NAXX 10 times.

I am extremely proud of everything we do, but especially that: We have only missed 2 Ragnaros lock outs (yes at the beginning we had to progress in MC lol; the good ole days)! Never missed a Nefarian lock out! And never missed a C’Thun lock out!


There are a few reasons why I have decided to step away on K3 raiding at this point.

  • Summary: It is a bittersweet end on K3 for me personally. There are certainly things that I would have done/handled differently along the way because hindsight is always 20/20, but I would not change a thing because everything we have done has brought us to where we are today; a family. While a few stones are still left unturned (killing Sapph/KT if we don't get them this week or next that is), it is time that I need to take an extended break before Classic opens (2 months).

  • The Real Life Reasoning: For those that do not know already, my wife and I recently sold and moved out of our townhouse in northern VA. We are in the market for a new home, but sold ours prior to having a new one because we got a very good offer that we did not want to pass up (103% list price). In the meantime, we are living partly with her parents (my in-laws) and partly at our condo on the Maryland shore. The majority of our things are in storage (including my gaming PC - I have been raiding from my laptop on a kitchen table the last few raids lol). In short, life outside of WoW is very busy and chaotic at the moment which is not ideal for raiding/devoting the amount of time I always have to the guild. It is not fair to the guild for me to be slacking off and giving it less than 110%. I have already scheduled release week off with vacation at work for Classic (wife approved as well), so continuing playing on K3 essentially without a primary house is tough to justify to myself and my wife.

  • The In-Game Reasoning: I am personally out of the majority of consumes, out of gold, and the guild bank will be out of Titans/resources after this next week of raiding. On the note of the guild bank; we went into Naxx with 54 Titans; I am honored and proud that we have been able to provided as much as we did without requiring donations as most guilds do.

  • The Life Expectancy of K3 Reasoning: A decent number of long term <Paradox> members have slowly been stepping away over the last few months as classic gets closer. This was expected and 110% OK to do; please have zero ill feelings towards these players and myself. K3 was going to die from the start; we went into it knowing that it was essentially a beta test for our Classic guild.

  • The "Step Away Instead of Let it Die" Reasoning: I would prefer not to “fizzle out” personally. Raiding with sub-optimal raid comps, sub-optimal consumes, or even sub 40 people is not ideal and not enjoyable for me. I would prefer to end while still strong and put our best foot forward for Classic. Even if we do not get Sapph/KT (we have a strong chance to though!) it is time for me personally to close the K3 chapter of the <Paradox> book and open the new chapter for Classic. Our sites are set!


The guild can continue raiding on K3 without me if folks decide to stick around. If not, then no hard feelings to anyone. That said, I cannot contribute the amount of time required to continue playing on this server with going hard for Classic in mind.

If someone would like to be taught how to upkeep the Guild Google Doc I would be happy to share that knowledge. If those that stay simply want to transition to Loot Council that works too; whichever is easier for those that remain. Full disclosure; the doc is all manual upkeep and takes time outside of game after every raid.

If anyone would like Officer privileges myself and the current leadership core would be happy to promote folks in game. If the guild continues on K3 the leadership core is going to need some folks to step up and fill some roles that I hold for the remaining time on K3. Come Classic I will be back in full swing handling my normal duties and then some.

Any and all remaining consumes I have and what the guild bank has are available to anyone that asks. If you need anything; please reach out. I have pretty much exhausted all of my resources and gold, but there are still some odds and ends laying around. Just ask; I might have something you need. If so, it's yours no questions asked.

For those that will ask; I will be maintaining ownership of the account that Fredd is on. A select few (Thrax, Wafiki, and Fumteq) have access in case anyone needs enchants; I will not be giving access out beyond that. The reason is that I may still dick around on him from time to time if bored, but mostly I want the account to practice my leveling route on for 1-20 and 20-30 for Classic.


The goal here is to continue <Paradox> being a guild by players, for players. We will have a few polls between now and Classic release.

As we get closer to Classic releasing we will be discussing things such as:
  • Who all is coming with us?
  • Who is rolling what classes?
  • New guild name
  • Any change to our rules we want to make
  • New Discord Server
  • Etc.

Details will be coming over the next 2 months.

I will personally be practicing my 1-20 and 20-30 routes a few times and looking for a leveling partner. Preferably a healer, but anyone willing to do a few non-stop sessions is more than welcome. Please reach out to me directly if you are interested and we can schedule sometimes!


Classic Officer Core Revamp!
We will be opening the door for new leadership come Classic as only Thingal, Thrax, and myself are interested. Strongest I believe is going alliance and Lejes is doing his own pugging thing.

If anyone else would like to join the leadership core please reach out to myself directly on Discord!

At minimum, we will be looking for the following:
  • Full Time Raid Leader
  • Recruitment Leader
  • Caster DPS Leader
  • Tank Leader

NOTE: If you think you would be suited for leadership, but do not fit into one of the above mentioned roles, reach out regardless! And/or if there is another role in Leadership that interests you, that you think you would be good at, and/or something we have not thought of please reach out. We are always looking for ways to improve even if it is not listed above!


Recently there has been some hostility and animosity between players. We hope to have stifled this.

I want to remind everyone; we are all on the same team. Moving forward and for those that come to Classic with us please defer back to our Mission Statement as a guild:

Above all, <Paradox> is a guild by players for players.

We exist to meet all Vanilla WoW goals, objectives, and to clear all progression content while still current (prior to new content releasing).

We aim to minimize all drama/toxicity and maintain a fun atmosphere while pushing for logs, efficient raiding, and having a serious mentality while raiding with friends.

We define ourselves as a semi-hardcore guild.

If we have not minimized drama in a high stress progression environment I want to take personal responsibility for that. I have been prioritizing progression over happiness; my truest and honest apologies. Moving forward and come Classic, I will focus on people first; which we have done so in the past.


I believe I speak for the guild when I say that, I cannot wait for Classic to be released.

Please feel free to stay active on Discord, continue playing on K3, anything anyone wants.

Cheers to the future.
Cheers to Blizzard finally listening to the community.
Cheers to all of you!

Enjoy the summer and enjoy any break anyone takes between now and August 27th.



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