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Vizagoth / Oct 03, 2018 / Raid

Paradox fully prepared stormed the lair of Nefarian and successfully cleared all progression content on night one. A huge thanks and recognition for the tremendous efforts of everyone in the raid. Also, a big thanks to our leaders for the countl...

Vizagoth / Jun 01, 2018 / Raid

Paradox on its 3rd foray into Molten Core claimed our 1st Rag kill. After coming off some hard lessons in our last attempt the raid team pulled together and executed with deadly precision. With current content cleared its time to focus on farming ...

Vizagoth / May 23, 2018 / Raid

Paradox descended into the fierce broodmother’s lair and emerged victorious on the first attempt. Fight DetailsCongratulations to the raiders with a new Tier II Helm!

Vizagoth / Apr 30, 2018 / Raid

Posted On (4/29/2018)Dear Players,We have a number of announcements to share with you today.DonationsWe have been asked numerous times whether its possible to donate and if so, where. To simplify the donation process, we ...